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I was diagnosed with T1 diabetes when I was in my 4th month of pregnancy with my first child, Ruby.  I was 33.  Luckily for me, I had an excellent endocrinologist at the time who recognized immediately that it wasn’t gestational diabetes, so I got onboard with MDIs and strict carb counting right away.  Why did I already have an endocrinologist?  Well, I was diagnosed with acute onset Grave’s Disease when I was 22.  Grave’s is autoimmune just like T1, except your body attacks your thyroid instead of your beta cells.  So, now I’m down a pancreas and a thyroid.  Immune System: 2, Julie: 0

I’m habitually organized (ok, ok probably a little OCD) and I think numbers are cool.  More than that, I think patterns are cool, so you could say I was born with part of the skillset to help manage my T1.  However, I also believe that no matter how good (or not so good) your system is working (diabetes management or otherwise), there are always unknowns; new challenges and variables to consider; room for trial and error; revision and improvement…life is iteration.

So, what part of my D-management skillset is currently most lacking?  I tend to be an introvert.  In steps this blog:  It’s my way of reaching out into the community instead of simply observing from the sidelines.

Just the Facts Jack:

  • I’m a scientist, medical writer, project manager, and web coordinator with degrees in Biology and Forensic Science, and I’m half way through an MPH focusing on Epidemiology.
  • I’m lucky enough to have a loving husband, Ben, and two healthy, sweet children Ruby (8) and Beckett (3). family_pic_big
  • In addition to diabetes, I tend to advocate for lifestyles involving healthier eating and less-processed foods.  I believe the obesity epidemic is very real and very dangerous, especially for children.
  • My vices include red wine, dark beer, movie theater popcorn, and lipgloss (seriously, if I even think I left my lipgloss at home my lips are suddenly, psychosomatically as dry as the Sahara!).
  • I’ve always had a little inside joke with myself every time I refer to myself as a “T1” because “T1” is also the name of the original (and somewhat clunky) generation of cyborgs in the Terminator movies (yup, from the 1980’s).  For those of you non-sci-fi geeks out there, a cyborg (aka cybernetic being) is “a being with organic and artificial parts”. I don’t know about you but with all the infusion cannulas, CGM sensors, and medications that keep me alive, there are definitely days when I start to feel like I’m half-woman and half-machine.  Ironic, huh?

Anyway, enough of all that sci-fi geek stuff!  I’ll just leave you with a little pic of Arnold and me (in my full T1 regalia) from back in the day ;)


4 thoughts on “About Julie

  1. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by and following Intrepid Tales on Insulin. I reckon we share similar traits in terms of being organisy-types who say Boo Hiss! to processed foods!
    cheers, Nat

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