Vive la Vivelle!

Blood draw for hormone levels at 9:45.  Vivelle dot estrogen patch back on at 9:55.  Yay!  No, I’m not waiting for the lab results.  After 5 weeks of progressive physical chaos, I’m pretty sure I already know what they will be.



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Sigh. No, It’s Not a Jug for Collecting Urine or a Giant Vat of Cream…

My husband and I were out on date night last night and stopped at the market to pick up a bottle of water for the movies when I remembered I had a prescription of test strips waiting to be picked up.

I get my strips 450 at a time, so it usually comes in a pretty big pharmacy bag but I guess I always either go through the drive through, or have a shopping cart or diaper bag to stash it in…not tonight (on date night).


It’s like a brown lunch bag filled to the brim!

Tonight my husband and I split up and while I went to get bottles of water, he went to the pharmacy.  When we met back in the middle of the store he hands me this giant (obviously pharmacy) bag…sigh.

I know I shouldn’t care what people think, and really I don’t but who wants to walk around with that?!  We live in a smallish town and often bump into people we know (or have seen around before) at the market and you just know no one’s thinking

“Hey there’s a type 1 diabetic (not her fault, by the way) who must take really good care of herself because she sure does test a lot!”.  Nope, they’re thinking, “What in the world could possibly be in that huge prescription bag?  Must be some kind of strange and unpleasant plastic apparatus or a very large vat of mysterious cream….eww!”.

I know, it’s a very small matter in the grand scheme of D-care and all the crap that comes with it…but all the same, even though I like to try to keep “green” by using my own shopping bags, next time I find myself picking up a script that big with no where to stash it, I think I’ll ask for a bag.