Photo-a-Day: Diagnosis

Photo-a-Day_diagnosisPregnant single mom gets diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in her 4th month.  Just like that. Needless to say, it was quite a ride but luckily for me, my natural go-to for dealing with rough situations has always been research, research, and more research.  We made it through and are both happy and healthy 7 years later (although some Drs. might think otherwise).

This post is one in a series for the National Diabetes Month of November.  Kerri from initiated the Photo-a-Day idea and prompts and lots of other diabetes bloggers have chosen to follow suite.

Photo-a-Day: Proud

I’m a little late, but hoping it’s ok to still join in on Kerri’s Diabetes Month Photo-a-Day.  I love the idea and have really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and seeing all the great photos.  I suppose mine will be Most of a Diabetes Month Photo-a-Day ;)

Photo-a-Day: Proud

Proud.  This is an easy one.  I could try to think of something different but the truth is this is one of those words where the obvious and simple choice that comes to mind is the right choice.  My babies.  I’d probably be the most proud of them even if I didn’t have diabetes but having gone through those pregnancies successfully with T1 makes me especially proud.

Just a Little Girl and her Mommy…and Mommy’s Diabetes Accessories

Ruby's-AccessoriesLittle girls do love their accessories and mine has an eagle eye for detail.  Here, my daughter Ruby has on her cool Reef flip-flops, a white snap bracelet with cherries, blue mirror shades, a pink and green striped raccoon tail, and a multicolored hair wrap with hot pink feathers on the end.

Needless to say, when I changed up my diabetes supply cases this weekend, she was quick to notice.  “Mommy I like your new gold case with the white case better than the old silver case with the green case.  And I like the pink case too.”  Hmmm, that’s a lot of cases. She’s grown up knowing it’s “Mommy’s diabetes stuff” but we haven’t ever talked about which case is for what.

New-Diabetes-CasesMy husband and I explained that the white case was a “skin” case for Mommy’s OmniPod, the gold case was Mommy’s diabetes kit and the pink case was for Mommy’s CGM, which stands for Continuous Glucose Monitor.  “Rubes, do you know what continuous means?”


“It means all the time and Glucose means sugar.  Do you know what monitor means?”


“Monitor means watcher.  So, the pink case is Mommy’s all the time sugar watcher.”

Ruby grinned and chimed in with “And your bracelet is your sleep watcher!”

Oh, yeah, that’s right…there’s also the Fitbit Flex I wear, which tracks activity and sleep. Little girls…they don’t miss an “accessory” beat!

I Heart Silicone Medical ID Bracelets ♥

Like most of us, some things “diabetes” I’m good at and some…not so good.   An area I usually excel in is being a “good girl” and wearing a type 1 medical ID bracelet.  I’m not the kind of person that wears a lot of jewelry on a regular basis, nevertheless, when I first started wearing a diabetes ID, I tried out a few different kinds of bracelets.  Most of them were very jewelry-like, lasted a day or two, and now sit in a drawer collecting dust.  Once I discovered the ease and beauty of simply wearing a piece of silicone, I never went back to the other “prettier” bracelets.  Silicone works for me because I don’t have to worry about getting it wet or getting food on it when I’m cooking; the kids can pull on it and play with it; I can shower, sleep, swim, play sports, and generally be active all while comfortably wearing it…and it still looks like it did on the day I started abusing it 4 years ago.

While I can’t control when or if an emergency situation might occur, I can try to have important info on hand (pun intended).  So, if I’m going to wear the darn thing every day (in case of an emergency), I don’t just want it to say “Type 1 Diabetic” on it.  I want it to at least list general medical information and my husbands phone number.  I really like the idea of providing a phone number of someone who knows what medications and dosages I’m on, who knows my kids and their schedules.  I find it comforting.

Geez, how can I fit all that information on a wristband?

I found a lot of bracelets that have tiny little pieces of papers or cards in them that you’re supposed to be able to neatly fill out with personal information.  Sorry, but my handwriting is not that good (or that small).  Plus, it’s paper…what kind of life expectancy can that little slip of paper have with stinky toddler fingers, days at the pool, and sinks full of dirty dishes?

custom silicone diabetes wristbandI’ve researched endlessly online to find a company that will let me add multiple lines of custom text to a silicone bracelet (without requiring a minimum order of 50!).  Here is my favorite: Design-A-Band.  OK, admittedly, their site might seem a little hokey but I’ve ordered various bracelets from these guys over the years and they’re always spot-on!

silicone medical type 1 diabetes bracelet frontAnd…drum role please…here’s my current favorite wristband: tried but true, worn day in and day out for 4 years, and glow-in-the-dark.  On the outside I have some basic info that the whole world can see and on the inside, I have personal medical information and contact phone numbers.

silicone medical type 1 diabetes bracelet backI’m on a continuous quest to find ever cooler looking, totally customizable silicone wristbands.  I’ll keep you posted…

Got one you really like?  Tell us about it!