Diabetic Shaming

Laughter makes everything better.  Let me explain:  My husband came up to me randomly, asked me to hold up this piece of paper without reading it and snapped my pic.

Diabetic ShamingWhen he showed it to me, I started cracking up, even though minutes before I’d been upset about my recent bout of high nights.  Even when we do our damnedest to maintain good BG control, we can’t always get it right and sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.  If you’re confused by the post title, or the sign I’m holding, and yet still reading, see DogShaming.  This is also my “Photo-a-Day: Frustration” for National Diabetes Awareness Month.


This post is one in a series for the National Diabetes Month of November.  Kerri from sixuntilme.com initiated the Photo-a-Day idea and prompts and lots of other diabetes bloggers have chosen to follow suite.

Sigh. No, It’s Not a Jug for Collecting Urine or a Giant Vat of Cream…

My husband and I were out on date night last night and stopped at the market to pick up a bottle of water for the movies when I remembered I had a prescription of test strips waiting to be picked up.

I get my strips 450 at a time, so it usually comes in a pretty big pharmacy bag but I guess I always either go through the drive through, or have a shopping cart or diaper bag to stash it in…not tonight (on date night).


It’s like a brown lunch bag filled to the brim!

Tonight my husband and I split up and while I went to get bottles of water, he went to the pharmacy.  When we met back in the middle of the store he hands me this giant (obviously pharmacy) bag…sigh.

I know I shouldn’t care what people think, and really I don’t but who wants to walk around with that?!  We live in a smallish town and often bump into people we know (or have seen around before) at the market and you just know no one’s thinking

“Hey there’s a type 1 diabetic (not her fault, by the way) who must take really good care of herself because she sure does test a lot!”.  Nope, they’re thinking, “What in the world could possibly be in that huge prescription bag?  Must be some kind of strange and unpleasant plastic apparatus or a very large vat of mysterious cream….eww!”.

I know, it’s a very small matter in the grand scheme of D-care and all the crap that comes with it…but all the same, even though I like to try to keep “green” by using my own shopping bags, next time I find myself picking up a script that big with no where to stash it, I think I’ll ask for a bag.