Photo-a-Day: Organization

Photo-a-Day_OrganizationFor some reason people often comment (or even gasp) when they see my pantry for the first time.  *Shrug.  Ok, so maybe I’m a little overly organized sometimes, but this particular characteristic of mine sure does come in handy for wrangling all my diabetes data and decisions.

This post is one in a series for the National Diabetes Month of November.  Kerri from initiated the Photo-a-Day idea and prompts and lots of other diabetes bloggers have chosen to follow suite.

2 thoughts on “Photo-a-Day: Organization

  1. Oh, I love it! Mine is not dissimilar.
    As I was sorting out all of my clothes yesterday after a house move it occurred to me that others might find my level of organisation a bit excessive. Can’t use the diabetic benefits excuse on the clothing front though!

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