Photo-a-Day: Work, Awareness, and WDD

Admittedly, rolling three photo days into one feels a bit like cheating but the more I think about it the more all the words are related.  Actually what isn’t related to the big D in our lives?  Which I suppose is the main reason for me to want to participate in Diabetes Month Photo-a-Day, or for that matter in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) at all.  For this post, I took a picture of my D blog.  I started it 4 months ago today (with my first post being on August 20th) and it’s really been quite rewarding already.

Photo-a-Day_Work_Awareness_WDDIt’s a lot of work but it’s work I enjoy.  I hope that it helps to raise awareness for diabetes.  I’m certain, at the very least, that it helps my own family and friends become more.  It’s motivated me to really try to get involved in improving the quality of life for PWDs by using the resources I have available to me (hopefully there will be much more to come on this topic in later posts).  Finally, it’s great to feel like I’m part of the DOC and to have somewhere to say “Cheers to World Diabetes Day!”

This post is one in a series for the National Diabetes Month of November.  Kerri from initiated the Photo-a-Day idea and prompts and lots of other diabetes bloggers have chosen to follow suite.

What do you think?